Due to the diversity of geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, ecologically sensitive receptors, contaminant distributions, engineering considerations, timescales and costs, a range of remediation technologies may be applicable on any project.

We design solutions by balancing the desired project outcomes, compliance standards, site constraints and project budget, with the methods and equipment best suited to deliver these outcomes.

Our work covers contamination in soil, water and vapour, which are often inter-related, and requires several methods applied in combination to achieve the optimum result. Typically, we use standard methods and make adjustments to optimise results for every site. In some cases, we modify standard methods significantly or devise new methods to address unique requirements.

Our engineers have vast experience in soil and groundwater remediation technologies such as:

  • Soil vapour extraction
  • Air sparging
  • Vacuum enhanced recovery
  • Dual phase vacuum extraction
  • Total fluids extraction
  • Groundwater pump and treat
  • Free phase product skimming
  • In-Situ bioremediation application
  • In-Situ chemical oxidation application

Remediation Consultants & Engineers