Asbestos Removal and Soil Clean Up

Rural Cambridgeshire


Asbestos is found all over Cambridgeshire. It was used on many rural buildings as cladding, and over the years this has often been broken, been replaced or the building removed.  It was not always dealt with in an appropriate manner so is often found in degrading piles or fragmented in the top soil.  In some locations asbestos was also used as a sub base on road ways.

RemTech Role

This project was very typical and illustrates the problem well. A house owner planned to remove a number of old sheds and put up self-contained annex. But prior to starting the sheds need to be demolished, and the asbestos removed from site.

The asbestos was present as roofing and cladding on the old sheds, in stock piles of fragmented sheets, in a 10m3 pile of broken bricks and soil, and in the top soil close to the old sheds.

RemTech was responsible for all the enabling works including asbestos stripping, demolition and asbestos segregation and disposal.

  • Identifying the scale and extent of the asbestos in soil and in stock piles around the old sheds
  • Stripping the asbestos sheeting from the roofs and walls of the old sheds
  • Demolition of the old building
  • Sieving and hand picking of the asbestos fragments in the top soil, and mixed soil/aggregate stock pile
  • Double bagging all the asbestos
  • Safe Disposal

Project Summary

Private Client

Project Duration and Cost:
1 week – £20,000

Key Services:

  • Safety controls
  • Regulator, client and third party liaison
  • Waste characterisation and classification
  • Service avoidance
  • Excavation, segregation and disposal of asbestos
  • Demolition
  • Reinstatement

A cleared site ready for development