Construction and Optimisation of an Air Sparge and Soil Vapour Extraction System



When a large pharmaceutical company, based in Dagenham UK decommissioned its facility, standard site investigations found an assortment of dissolved solvents and hydrocarbons within the subsurface. In addition a former landfilled area also contained a mixture of chemical contaminants which required removal so that redevelopment of the property could begin. The lead consultant for the project (Arcadis) designed a treatment train of in-situ technologies including chemical injection, air sparge with soil vapour extraction, and total fluid extraction from the subsurface with effluent treatment.

RemTech Role

RemTech was brought into the project as a remedial support partner for the main contractor, C.A Blackwell (formerly HBR) in order to construct the in-situ element of the remediation equipment in accordance with Arcadis’ specification. RemTech’s duties for the project were as follows:

  • To draw up technical drawings for the installation of the proposed remediation systems.
  • To install a very large scale soil vapour extraction and air sparge system involving several hundred injection points and over 40 extraction points.
  • To install a large groundwater extraction and treatment system with associated groundwater treatment and disposal.
  • To utilise as far as possible existing equipment held by the client.
  • To work with temporary HBR project staff to train them in the monitoring and optimisation of remediation equipment.


Project Summary

C.A. Blackwell (HBR)

Project Duration and Value:
3 months – £60,000

Key Services:

  • Safety control
  • Remediation equipment design and construction
  • Detailed system monitoring, maintenance and optimisation
  • Data collection, collation and reporting
  • Emergency response
  • Excavation, drilling, construction
  • Utility mapping and avoidance
  • Working to a very high standard of engineering and safety
  • Working within a high security military research facility

After a period of 5 years the project was closed with significant contaminant reduction across the affected area. All parties involved in the project were pleased with the outcome and RemTech’s continued high standard of work.