Spill Response and Restoration

Domestic Fuel Line Leak with Impact to Soil


The oil supply pipe connecting a large heating oil tank to a boiler used to heat a house and swimming pool had leaked.  Oil had spread down a steep embankment alongside a road and killed several large conifers and trees.

A consultant had investigated the area and identified that a section of the embankment needed to be removed.

RemTech Role

RemTech was instructed to carry out the following works:

  • To prepare a detailed scope of work and price to remediate the affected area.
  • To carry out the work in accordance with the agreed scope and,
  • Provide necessary records and safety systems to ensure the work was completed to the approved design.

Project Summary

Environmental Consultant

Project Duration and Cost:
10 days – £17,000

Key Services:

  • Organisation of site inspection and condition report.
  • Liaison with the council and coordination of road closure.
  • Provision of detailed geotechnical assessment of embankment and reinstatement design.
  • Tree surgery
  • Site security
  • Excavation and reinstatement using certified structural materials and top quality topsoil.
  • Geotextile support of embankment.
  • Verification of contaminant removal using field and laboratory testing equipment.
  • Reinstatement of gardens and fencing to ensure security is maintained.

After a period of 5 years the project was closed with significant contaminant reduction across the affected area. All parties involved in the project were pleased with the outcome and RemTech’s continued high standard of work.