Emergency Response and Remediation



Whether oils, chemicals or other common pollutants have been lost during farming activities, road tanker deliveries, leaking tanks, spills or accidents the most important factor is time.  This is why it is essential to get experience involved from the outset to ensure a rapid conclusion to any environmental incident involving contaminants of any sort.

RemTech Role

Emergency response and remediation is not complex but projects can rapidly expand into costly operations where companies approach problems with outdated technologies and little planning.

The directors at RemTech have all worked in this sector for over 25years and dealt with emergency situations ranging in scale from simple domestic heating oil spills to the Buncefield Oil terminal explosion in 2005. RemTech works within the REDS consortium of contractors consisting of REDS emergency response team, Harpers Environmental waste haulage and EPS consulting. Each company brings specialist services to any incident:

REDS – attends and ensures any loss is quickly controlled anywhere within the UK.
Harpers – provides emergency road tankers to uplift and dispose of any chemical wastes
EPS – carries out a rapid intrusive geoenvironmental investigation with is team of engineers, drillers and risk assessors.
RemTech – provides advice and supporting equipment for longer term in-situ remediation of more complex spills under the direction of EPS.

Project Summary


Project Duration and Cost:
Ranges in complexity with scale, location, chemical type and safety.

Key RemTech Services:

  • Safety controls
  • Regulator, client and third parties liaison
  • Provision of emergency extraction equipment
  • Provision of bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ in-situ remediation technologies
  • Excavation and disposal
  • Waste characterisation and classification
  • Reinstatement and construction

The aim of the group is to bring a highly efficient and highly technical solution to any emergency situation in order to control, conceptualise, correct and conclude the problem safely and as fast as possible.

The objective of this service is to keep cost, risk and timescale to a minimum and provide assurance to all concerned that the situation is understood and under control.