Remediation Consultant Support

Provision of a COTC Holder for the Deployment of an Environment Permit


A consultancy had installed a skimming system on a site in the North of England at some distance from their base of operations.  They were unable to commit their own COTC holder to the project.


RemTech was able to provide a COTC at short notice and then undertake routine site visits and reporting.

Project Summary

Regional Environmental Consultant

Project Duration and Cost:
8 Months – £4,000

Key Services:

Remtech provided the COTC and undertook site visits.  We also adopted a GIS App and provided this to the consultant’s operations and maintenance staff so they could report each week to the COTC holder in real-time to report on the maintenance status of the treatment plant.  This was supplemented by COTC visits and monthly reporting to the EA.

The plant was operated within the requirements of the Environment Permit deployment form and monthly reports were presented to the EA.