Asbestos in Soils and Site Enabling

Asbestos in Soil

Asbestos is being found in more and more development sites.  It is found not only in the building fabric but also in the ground. Dealing with asbestos in the ground can be risky, complex and expensive and be fraught with difficulties that are both practical and regulatory.

What are my legal obligations?

Can I leave the soil in situ or must it be removed?

What constitutes perceived or real risk to future users of the site?

How much is this going to cost?

Our Approach

Remtech are specialists in dealing with asbestos in the ground – characterisation, risk control and remediation.  We understand what needs to be done and offer clients an effective, cost-efficient and informed solution. We will take a risk based approach, look to remediate what needs to be remediated not more. If appropriate soils can be remediated off site and reused rather than be disposed of in landfill.


All Remtech site staff are receive specialist training in identification and risks associated with asbestos in soils. Remtech can deploy a range of specialist equipment to segregate and separate asbestos including picking screens, picking stations and in certain situations will look at stabilisation.

Site Enabling

Prior to redevelopment the old needs to go and any residual contamination cleaned up ready for construction. This phase of work is often hard to define but the costs can be material to the commercial success of a scheme.

It is critical that work is planned, risks identified, ideally cost defined before work starts. The financial risk is “in the ground”.

Our Approach

Remtech offers a turnkey approach that covers demolition and remedation. We work with the specialist consult EPS Ltd to take a technically led approach. As remediation specialists we are experienced in working up pre-development enabling schemes. We combine contracting experience with professional knowledge and experience to work with developers and main contractors to work up an approach that managers risk, controls costs, and while meeting planning and Regulator requirements.

Waste management and material use can be critical factors in determining costs. Remtech will take a sustainable approach looking to reuse as much material as possible, minimising disposal. This is best achieved with early engagement with the regulator, supported by good evidence and a sound material management plan.

For the right sites and clients Remtech will offer fixed cost for demolition, remediation, and site preparation.


Success with site enabling projects is experience, good planning and specialist equipment. Remtech is equipped with a wide range of specialist equipment to deal with site remediation, water treatment and ground improvement.