Environmental Emergencies


When there is a release of chemical, oil or other pollutant to the environment it is essential that there is a rapid and professional response to control it and put in place measures to protect anyone and anything that may be affected.

It is in an emergency situation when you need experience and a calm head to take control and make the right decisions quickly to make things safe, to minimise damage and measures are put in place to resolve things as fast as possible.  Our team are all highly experienced in the management, assessment, control and remediation of environmental pollution incidents having first-hand experience over the last 25years with incidents as large and complex as the Buncefield oil terminal explosion to the loss of a few litres of kerosene from a domestic oil spill.


In order to provide the very best capability, expertise in every stage of an emergency and availability of critical equipment 24 hours a day Remtech works with an alliance of business including REDS, EPS, and Harpers. This gives access to 24 hour spill cover, a fleet of tankers, specialist consulting advice, remediation equipment and water toxicologists to support and oil or chemical release. With our partner REDS Group we aim  to provide an emergency response to anywhere in the UK within a target time of 4hours and we adopt a simple and effective approach to resolve any incident:

Control – provide immediate measures to make the incident safe and to prevent it getting any worse.  This is perhaps the most critical phase of any incident to minimise overall cost.

Conceptualisation – carry out investigations to define the problem and establish what damage has been done, what risks remain, and what must be done to resolve the problem.

Corrective Action – instigate an appropriate level of remediation which resolves the problem whilst protecting all affected parties interests.

Conclusion – sets out measures and timescales to bring a resolution to the incident so that there is clear understanding of when the work is completed offering a fixed fee to meet the objectives wherever possible.


Remtech has a variety of field resources which it can mobilise to an emergency situation including:

  • Specialist drilling rigs
  • Diggers and small plant
  • Environmental monitoring equipment including Photoionisation Detectors (PIDs), interface probes, dip meters and low flow groundwater sampling pumps and multiparameter water meters.
  • Groundwater extraction and treatment units for hydraulic control