Pollution Control, Remediation and Specialist Equipment Hire

RemTech has an established track record delivering innovative and dependable remediation equipment to ensure any chosen remediation technologies deployed effectively for the treatment and control of pollutants in soil and groundwater across the UK and in Europe.

Our Approach:

Every contaminated site is different; if remediation is required, it can be difficult to find a standard piece of equipment to carry out the work needed to meet the environmental and logistical objectives needed.  Our philosophy on remediation equipment is to keep things simple. Simple things don’t tend to go wrong.  If they do go wrong they are simple to repair. If they need to be adapted they are simple to change.  Simple things don’t need specialist programmers or unique parts from a supplier in Europe.  We have well established strategic partner suppliers in the UK enabling us to deal with any eventuality quickly and efficiently.


At RemTech, we have a manufacturing facility that allows us to create bespoke automated remediation systems to meet the needs of our clients or the constraints of a difficult contaminant or site location.  Our engineers have built systems for military installations, oil and gas facilities, landfill sites as well as for commercial and private domestic facilities all over the UK.

In addition to this, we also carry a stock of ‘off the shelf’ electrically powered single- and three phase containerised remediation systems for rapid deployment of Soil Vapour Extraction, Air Sparging, Dual Phase Extraction, Oil/Water Separation and water extraction and filtration at several scales of operation, which can be deployed in emergency situations to mitigate immediate risks .

RemTech also has a purpose built pilot testing trailer and a separate chemical injection trailer which can both be deployed at any time and either rented for private use or operated by RemTech engineers, to collect performance data during short or long-term remediation technology pilot trials and water pumping tests using a variety of equipment. Please get in touch if you are interested in hiring this equipment.

Remediation Support & Carbon Replacement

RemTech provides an on-site remediation monitoring, maintenance, optimisation and reporting service to larger clients who do not always have enough engineers or time to keep up with the regular monitoring requirements needed to keep a remediation project on track.

We currently have several long-running projects that require weekly or bi-monthly visits to dip wells, measure and collect gas data, empty fuel interceptors, collect representative samples of air, groundwater or effluent, followed by the preparation or updating of spreadsheets for our client contacts.  We also carry numerous parts, pipes and materials for common remediation systems and are able carry out preventative maintenance or repairs wherever necessary to avoid long stoppage times that can drastically affect the performance of a system.

In addition, RemTech has developed a unique system to extract spent activated carbon from air or water filtration vessels.  The process avoids the need for expensive vacuum road tankers and provides a clear chain of custody from site to disposal point using RemTech’s waste carriers licence.

RemTech also works closely with a UK carbon supplier and is able to assist with the specification of carbon for particular contaminants, as well as providing competitive rates for replacement carbon.