Who we are

Remtech is a specialist contracting business that delivers solutions to environmental and contamination issues in a safe, sustainable, and commercially viable manner creating value for the shareholders, exciting careers for employees and satisfied clients.

Our company aim is to protect property and the environment after environmental incidents, and to support the regeneration and reuse of redundant land ensuring it is safe for future users. Our approach to meeting this aim is to carry out our work as fairly, collaboratively, and innovatively as possible whilst keeping our staff and all who work with us safe.

Who We Work For

RemTech’s services align with clients in Environmental Consultancy that require support with field services and bespoke remediation systems and processes, as well as with insurance brokers for environmental emergencies and.

Client Approach – Working with Remtech you can expect us to take an open and collaborative approach. We want to work with you and not for you, and we will always look to develop sound technical solutions to reduce or eliminate environmental risks in your business, which are practical, cost effective and have your needs uppermost.

Safe Operations – We expect everyone who works for us to go home in the condition they arrived. We recognise we work in hazardous conditions and put significant time and effort into training our staff and planning work to ensure our projects, staff and other stake holders stay safe.

We are in the game of protecting and improving the environment and as such put a high level of importance on controlling environmental risk from our work and having the necessary equipment on site standing by if an unexpected release does happen.

We expect our senior staff to be leaders in all safety matters.

Ethical Behaviour – We expect all our staff to maintain high ethical standards under all circumstances.