Who we are, what matters and who we work for

Who We Work For:

RemTech’s clients include any organisation operating with materials, processes or land that could pose potential environmental hazards.  These include engineering facilities, factories, depots, oil and gas facilities, retail, development and many other industrial sectors.  More often than not, our work is led by incident and subsequent insurance or emergency action needed to correct problems however our primary objective is to assist our clients before the worst happens.

Client Approach – Working with Remtech you can expect us to take an open and collaborative approach. We want to work with you and not for you, and we will always look to develop sound technical solutions to reduce or eliminate environmental risks in your business, which are practical, cost effective and have your needs uppermost.

Safe Operations – We expect everyone who works for us to go home in the condition they arrived.  We recognise we work in hazardous conditions and put significant time and effort into training our staff and planning work to ensure our projects, staff and other stake holders stay safe.

We are in the game of protecting and improving the environment and as such put a high level of importance on controlling environmental risk from our work and having the necessary equipment on site standing by if an unexpected release does happen.

We expect our senior staff to be leaders in all safety matters.

Ethical Behaviour – We expect all our staff to maintain high ethical standards under all circumstances.

Leadership Team

Giles Lock – Managing Director

Giles is a very experienced environmental specialist with over 25 years’ experience gained while working with ARCADIS, EPS and Remtech.  He has been involved in and managed numerous environmental emergencies and the remediation of contaminated sites. Giles was part of the leadership team that managed the response and clean-up of the Buncefield Depot explosion.  Giles takes a hands-on approach to leading the business so expect to see him on your sites.

Giles has a joint Chemistry and Geology Degree from Keele Unvisersity and is in the process of submitting for chartership with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Caroline Armit – Policy Advisor

Caroline spent nearly 20 years with the Environment Agency working on pollution prevention, policy, regulation, enforcement and licensing. She supports the business and our clients with regulation, compliance and as an expert witness. She provides a unique perspective on the Environment Agency’s policy on prosecution and enforcement.

Caroline has BSc in Environmental Science from Wolverhampton.

Garry Peacock – Engineering Manager

Garry started his career as an agricultural engineer. He moved into the environmental business over 15 years ago and since then has worked on fabrication and operation of remediation equipment, control systems, environmental emergencies and site remediation. He has worked on projects in the UK and overseas. Garry has oversight of all projects involving specialist remediation equipment.

Garry is a qualified Fitter & Mechanic, and has City and Guilds Electrical Safety Testing, City and Guilds Power Units and Hydraulics and City and Guilds Electrical Installations.

Matt Yorke – Environmental Emergencies

Matt spent 12 years in the Royal Engineers during he which he was involved in a wide range of military and civil engineering projects. He joined ARCADIS in 2001 and since then has been involved in a very wide range of remediation and environmental projects. He joined Remtech in 2010. Matt has extensive experience in construction and while taking a leadership position in the business he also provides specialist support on building renovation and repair following oil spills.

Matt holds qualifications in both civil and electrical engineering.

Robbie Dow – Associate

Robbie has over 25 years industry experience gained working in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He held senior leadership positions in the Environment Teams for both ARCADIS and AECOM, most recently as the AECOM Director of Remediation for Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. He has a very wide and varied experience in business leadership and client delivery.  He has been involved in many environmental incidents and is keen to bring that experience to improve the approach to incident management in the UK. Robbie is supporting Giles and the team across all facets of the business to support sustainable growth.

Robbie has a BSc in Geology from St Andrews University, an MSc in Hydrogeology from University College London and is a Chartered Geologist.