Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Soil and Groundwater at a Military Research Facility



As a result of historical activities on a military facility, an area of soil beneath a former building had been contaminated by chlorinated solvent. The client sought proposals from selected environmental consultants and through its partnership as a remediation service provider with AECOM, RemTech was awarded the contract to supervise, monitor and maintain the bespoke remediation system that had been installed at the site.

RemTech Role

RemTech was brought into the project as a remedial support partner. The existing remediation equipment installed at the site was a dual phase extraction system with multiple extraction wells and a monitoring well network. Upon starting work with AECOM, RemTech’s duties for the project were as follows:

  • To adjust, operate and monitor the existing equipment during pilot trials by AECOM whilst assessments were made into the efficacy of the equipment.
  • To make adjustments to equipment and install additional wells, telemetry and infrastructure to convert the existing equipment to a multi-phase extraction system.
  • To remotely and physically monitor and maintain the equipment to a specific standard on a two week basis.
  • Replace spent carbon, filters and pipework degraded by the contaminated groundwater.
  • Collect operating parameters and to update the data collected within a database.
  • To make amendments and adjustments to the equipment wherever instructed.
  • To install and supervise trial technologies operated by university research groups.
  • To decontaminate and decommission the remediation system upon completion of the project to a very high standard.

Project Summary


Project Duration and Value:
5 years – £250,000

Key Services:

  • Safety control
  • Remediation equipment design and construction
  • Detailed system monitoring, maintenance and optimisation
  • Data collection, collation and reporting
  • Emergency response
  • Excavation, drilling, construction
  • Utility mapping and avoidance
  • Working to a very high standard of engineering and safety
  • Working within a high security military research facility

After a period of 5 years the project was closed with significant contaminant reduction across the affected area. All parties involved in the project, including the American military client, were pleased with the outcome and RemTech’s continued high standard of work.